Slim Jim Meataverse

A metaverse experience for Slim Jim fans that is frictionless and free of speculation.

The base used to hold the GigaJim

Slim Jim wanted to create a fun online experience in the metaverse for their super engaged community. The key points were to establish a meaningful connection with the brand and provide fans with new ways to interact with their product.

We designed the Slim Jim Meataverse, an NFT collection that allows fans to own a token that can evolve over time by using Slim Jim products.

All happens in a single site

The entire experience is accessible through an user-friendly website that does not require prior knowledge of blockchain technology. Users don't need to create wallets, install obscure plugins or save complex keys. They are not even charged a fee for interacting with the blockchain, as we optimised the generation of tokens in such a way that the costs could be easily absorbed internally.

The Slim Jim Meataverse homepage

Art direction

To create a contrasting visual style between the project's technical nature and a tactile, handcrafted feel, we opted for an art direction that utilizes hand-drawn visuals, including procedurally generated characters.

The character customization system allows for hundreds of thousands of possible combinations, and the modular design enables easy implementation of new features in the future.

The Slim Jim Meataverse character screen

An immersive themed site

We designed a themed and gamified user experience that aligns with the brand's community and tone. Upon registration, players gain access to an underground lab hidden within a convenience store. Inside, they create their own GigaJim, which can be customized by scanning Slim Jim products. Each GigaJim is unique and evolves based on the player's actions.

You can access Slim Jim Meataverse by visiting if you are in the US.

The Slim Jim Meataverse story screenThe Slim Jim Meataverse Slim Jim Scanner
The Slim Jim Meataverse laboratory
The Slim Jim Meataverse inventoryThe Slim Jim Meataverse meatarializer


Role: Creative Director
Production Company: UNIT9
Agency: 180NY
Client: Conagra
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