Riot Games: battle of baron

A groundbreaking collaborative experience that transformed YouTube into a video game.

Weaponising the chat

To partake in this unique experience, players had to make strategic decisions by typing their actions into the YouTube Live Chat. These commands were then processed in real-time, translating the collective will of the audience into dynamic in-game actions.

Leveraging the challenge

Given Baron Nashor's formidable strength, we wanted to prevent an easy victory. To ensure a challenging encounter that kept participants glued to their screens, we implemented a system where Baron Nashor would progressively intensify its attacks, dealing escalating damage throughout the battle, and making it feel like players were on the brink of losing.

In order to counterbalance the overwhelming might of Nashor, players had the ability to summon assistance from Champions. These formidable allies leveraged their distinctive abilities, turning the tide of the battle in crucial moments.

The results

The event garnered immense engagement, amassing over 1.65 million comments in just 10 minutes and accumulating more than 450,000 views within the initial week of the livestream.

Beyond the impressive metrics, the Baron Battle achieved something far more profound—it united the League of Legends Community in a collaborative effort against a common adversary, creating a memorable and distinctive gaming event.


  • Gold in the Digital Games Mobile category at Clio Awards
  • Best Technology-led Innovation of the Year at The Drum Awards
  • Best Audience Engagement at Campaign Tech Awards
  • Honouree in the Metaverse, Immersive & Virtual Best Audience Integration category at The Webby Awards
  • FWA of the day


Role: Creative Director
Production Company: UNIT9
Agency: BBH Singapore
Client: Riot Games
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