masterCard at dubai expo

A six-month installation that captivated visitors with a show outside and a mixed reality experience inside.

The Mastercard Cube was the pavilion for Expo 2020 Dubai's main sponsor. The installation spanned six months, featuring an exterior show with visuals in a 270 degrees screen and an immersive HoloLens experience within.

The exterior

The Expo was a sensory overloading stage with impressive architecture and rich experiences. The building served as a striking beacon: a 7-meter cube with LED panels on three sides, transforming the exterior into a captivating infinite display. Eight CG films offered a sneak peek into the themes awaiting exploration within.

The interior

Upon entering the cube, the atmosphere shifts dramatically. The entire structure, aside from the floor, was enveloped in LED panels, creating an immersive cinematic experience.

A guest experiencing the Mastercard Cube mixed reality experience at Dubai Expo

Visitors were then handed a HoloLens headset and found themselves transported into the future and experiencing mixed reality for the first time by engaging in an interactive narrative, influencing and shaping the content displayed on surrounding screens. Four distinct interactive experiences awaited, ranging from a simulated football stadium encounter with Messi to a virtual concert hall featuring Camila Cabello.

The results

The Mastercard Cube stood as a resounding success, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors throughout its six-month tenure, with long queues forming as individuals eagerly sought a glimpse into this visionary future.


Role: Creative Director
Production Company: UNIT9
Agency: Lightblue
Client: Mastercard
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