Verizon: The Met Replica

An augmented reality treasure hunt within the walls of The MET that extends into Roblox.

What is it about?

Replica is a first-of-its-kind experience happening at The Met museum in New York and in Roblox simultaneously.

It begins at The Metropolitan Museum in New York, with an engaging treasure hunt that adds an extra layer of immersion to the visit. Visitors can download a phone app to explore the halls of the museum discovering the hidden Replica art pieces, learning about them, and earning rewards along the way. Once visitors return home, they can use their hard-earned items in the Roblox experience.

A guest scanning a replica with their phone with AR

Under The Hood

While visitors play the hunt from their phone app, an AR scanner surveys the camera feed for matches with specific works of art. When a replica is found, an animation plays, transforming the artwork into a digital item and generating a code to unlock the Roblox counterpart.

A network of Bluetooth beacons is strategically placed throughout the museum. These beacons help geolocate players, allowing the system to determine which Replicas are nearby and guide players to their next goal.

The visitors are not aware of all the tech in place for the scavenger hunt to actually work. It all happens behind a carefully designed UI that drives them around the museum.

Translating art pieces into Roblox objects

To create the digital replicas, the creative team at UNIT9 collaborated with Verizon and The MET curators. We carefully designed digital items that capture the essence of the real art while fitting seamlessly with the Roblox aesthetic.

Original Art Piece
Original Art Piece
Art Piece Abstraction illustration
Art Piece Abstraction Concept
Roblox 3D model of Medusa
Roblox 3D model

The Roblox Experience

In addition to the physical experience at The MET, a complementary Roblox game was developed. Players from all around the world can explore the digital halls of The MET: visit an exhibition showcasing the objects that can be found in the physical experience, try them out, compete for the coolest look, and even take selfies surrounded by famous works of art.

You can play the Roblox experience here.


Role: Creative Director
Production Company: UNIT9
Client: Verizon


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